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With each and every purchase you make with us or one of our dealers, you will be supplied with a valuation certificate.

Your valuation is an important document. You will need it should you wish to insure your jewellery. Most insurance companies will request a valuation certificate when insuring your jewellery. Therefore keep it in a secure place, separate to your jewellery!

Annual valuation
Many insurance companies require your jewellery to undergo an annual inspection and valuation so that the value stays current.

Please consult one of our preferred retailer dealers who will be able to assist you in renewing your valuation on an annual basis after inspecting the jewellery's present condition. For advice on this matter, please contact us.

Note: The valuation represents only the valuator's opinion in respect of the replacement value of the goods detailed therein. The valuator shall not at any time or in any manner be held responsible and/or liable for any variations in prices and values which occur with time, market events and/or market conditions or in any other circumstances.


Please see our certificate explanation under our Diamond Guide section as well as our Tanzanite section.


Tivon Fine Jewellery guarantees all goods sold to be free from manufacturing defects. All our goods are inspected prior to shipping. In the event that a defect has been overlooked and you received an item of jewellery which you believe to be defective, please contact us immediately and follow the advice laid out under our Terms & Conditions section (See Returns Policy). Please also refer to our Diamond Guide section with respect to certification and conflict-free diamonds. Manufacturing defects do not include imperfections in any gemstones which occur naturally in nature and cannot be reasonably avoided.

Note: Guarantees will be immediately voided should it be found during our 'returns-inspection' process that repairs have been carried out by any party other than Tivon Fine Jewellery or one of its official dealers.