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Discounts offered to corporate members are at the SOLE DISCRETION of Tivon Fine Jewellery and may not be extended to anyone other than corporate members. Fraudulent use of corporate membership in order to attain discounts will be considered a criminal offence and will result in legal prosecution.

Discounts - under regular conditions of sale extend only to items of jewellery.

Discounts - for items marked as 'ON SALE' - extend to all members regardless of membership type.

Please note - registration as a corporate member does not guarantee you of a corporate discount. Each registration still undergoes a review process by Tivon Fine Jewellery management and Tivon Fine Jewellery management at their SOLE DISCRETION will decide whether to authorise and grant a corporate membership discount and to what extent the discount will apply. No appeals will be heard once Tivon Fine Jewellery management has made its final decision.