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IN A WORD - PHILOSOPHY! dealers2_390

Our philosophy - we want you to buy not only because you LOVE WHAT YOU SEE but also because you love the experience. This equates to us delivering: QUALITY - LUXURY - RARITY!


"We really wanted the TIVON lines to be DIFFERENT and COLOURFUL." "There is obviously no shortage of jewellery out there. To differentiate ourselves we wanted to offer true variety in design and high standards of quality." says director Ariel Tivon.

Tivon Fine Jewellery has very STRICT QUALITY CONTROLS.

  • The gemstones used are all in the TOP 10% of the quality hierarchy.
  • All coloured gemstones have to be VIVID in their intensity.
  • All gemstones have to pass the LIFE test - if the gemstone does not have a good internal life i.e. sparkle, dazzle, internal beauty, it is rejected.
  • All gemstones are inspected for internal as well as external defects and are automatically rejected if they don't meet the high standards initially set but the founding family.



"Our heritage is strongly rooted in Europe and Africa while we source gemstones from South America, Africa and Asia. This is a great advantage as not only can we bring an international flavour to our designs but we can offer our customers greater value," says director Ariel Tivon.

"We draw our inspiration from all aspects of life - architecture, art, fashion, film - and like all those things, life should be in COLOUR. That's why in most of our jewellery we try and fuse the timeless quality of diamonds with the splendour of coloured gemstones.

"Jewellery should be fun and exciting! For us that translates to the use of colours and coloured gemstones"

  • Rubies, Emarald & Sapphires for Ongoing Passion, Opulence & Elegance
  • Blue Topaz, Lemon Quartz & Peridot for a touch of the Exotic
  • Tanzanite, Morganite & Aquamarine for Luxury and Rarity
  • Pink Sapphires, Amethyst & Pink Tourmaline for Femininity

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Tivon Fine Jewellery products are NOT MASS PRODUCED. Numbers produced are intentionally kept low to ensure that our customers are satisfied that not only have they bought something of great beauty but that they have also purchased something which not many people in the world will have.

Several of our collections are LIMITED EDITIONS as the gemstones used are often so unique and so difficult to find that this alone increases the value and exclusivity of the pieces.

"You only have to look at our designs and quality to appreciate what makes the difference."



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