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For generations, diamonds have been the ultimate symbol of love, an heirloom to be treasured throughout one's lifetime and for generations to come. "Timeless, precious and simply gorgeous."

Allow us to guide you in learning how to appreciate and select a diamond the way it was meant to be. View our "4 C's and More" guide which will lead you through the journey of discovering what diamonds are all about.


Please take special note of our "Quick Guide" which dissolves much of the confusion that arises when deciding on a diamond purchase.

(Please note - Tivon Fine Jewellery does deal in loose diamonds. However, engagement rings and special bespoke make-ups services are at present provided purely on a 'private appointment' basis or by referal to our dealers. Should this be of interest to you, kindly contact us and request an appointment or a referal. Please understand that for security reasons, our consultants may ask you a number of security questions to verify your identity.)