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QUICK GUIDE (Colour vs. Clarity)


Tivon Fine Jewellery has created this simple reference table to help solve the puzzle of how to select a diamond.

The question of: "Which is more important i.e. Colour vs. Clarity?" is an eternal one but it all comes down to personal preference.

  • Colour - is all visual and will be noticed first
  • Clarity - Will impact visual appearance but will also vary greatly depending on the size of the stone, the clarity in question, etc.

"So which one is more important?" - The answer is to reach the perfect balance between the two. Our guide makes the confusion dissolve away and makes it easier to choose. It also takes into account which will be most suitable to one's budget.





 VS¹- VS²


 VS² -SI²


Please also review our Diamond FAQ's.

Note - We do not recommend going lower than a 'SI²' as the inclusions/imperfections become quite severe beyond this clarity grade.

Please note - This suggestion table represents our opinion which is based on experience, knowledge and personal preference while keeping quality foremost in mind. 


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