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The shape and proportions of a diamond

Diamond shapes range from the classic round to the trendy trilliant. Diamonds can almost virtually be cut in any shape. We believe that shape is a matter of preference and should always be based on personal taste.

Diamond proportions are perhaps the most overlooked feature of a diamond's characteristics. Facets are polished on every diamond in order to enhance a diamonds natural inert beauty. The greater the precision of the facets' cut the greater the brilliance of the diamond.

Proportions go beyond facets as facets alone will not bring out a diamond's true beauty. The proportions of a diamond have a profound effect on a diamond's beauty. The depth, width, symmetry, polish and facet precision of a diamond should be as close to geometrically ideal as possible.

  • The wider and shallower the stone or the deeper and thinner the stone, the more light escapes, causing the diamond to appear dull and lifeless no matter what the colour and clarity.
  • The same holds true for poor symmetry where facets or tables and culets are not aligned properly and polished symmetrically.


Tivon Fine Jewellery focuses on a diamond's beauty. We call this "Finding the fire within."

Tivon Fine Jewellery only uses diamonds that we rate as having 'good' to 'excellent' proportions.

Please read on as we guide you through the finer aspects of understanding 'Value'.