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Authentication process of a diamond

A diamond may be certified by anyone possessing the necessary skill, training, knowledge and competence to perform an inspection of a diamond thus providing a certificate of authenticity with respect to all aspects of a diamond's properties.

There are many entities that perform an authentication and certification service. Some stores even choose to certify the diamonds themselves. However, in the past decade, many fraudulent and unethical practices have arisen with respect to certification, especially in cases where stores provide their own certificates.

While not wishing to bias, Tivon Fine Jewellery suggests that all diamonds 0.80ct (half a carat) or larger, should be certified by a recognised and reputable independent regulatory body which abides by a code of ethics and holds itself to the highest standards or integrity, professionalism and objectivity. We recommend dealing only with reputable jewellery stores.

The aforementioned diamonds we provide are sent to the following independent organisations for grading and certification:

Please read on as we guide you through the finer aspects of understanding 'Conflict-free Diamonds'. 


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