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How do I care for my jewellery?      (Our office hours are 9am - 5pm (Monday-Friday excluding bank/public holidays)

Please review our Jewellery Care section.

How do I care for my diamond?

Contact with chemicals, cosmetics and daily wear all aid hiding the beauty of your diamonds. Between professional cleanings, Tivon Fine Jewellery recommends using reputable cleaning products as recommended and sold by our dealers. Please view our Jewellery Care section.

How do I care for my cultured pearls?

Fine cultured pearls may last generations if cared for properly. Avoid contact with cosmetics, sweat and perfumes. While some of these may be unavoidable, gentle care can be undertaken through gently wiping your pearls with a slightly damp cloth. Also, please view our Jewellery Care section. We encourage you to have your cultured pearls cleaned and restrung.

How do I care for my Gemstones?

Tivon supplies gemstones of unparalleled beauty. It's important to maintain that beauty and therefore from time to time cleaning your Gemstone jewellery is vital. Gentle hand soap or jewellery cleaner will usually do the trick although professional cleaning is best left to the professionals.

NOTE: Whether you clean an item of jewellery yourself or entrust it to a professional, DO NOT place any item of jewellery in hot water and then proceed to rinse in cold water or vice versa. The temperature variance could damage the gems irreparably and cause them to crack or break and in extreme cases shatter.