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WHAT SHOULD I CONSIDER when purchasing a gift or diamond for an engagement and how do I determine a budget?

There are many parameters that should be considered when purchasing a gift or a diamond. We have set out as much information as we deem necessary for making an assessment of how you should go about buying a gift or a diamond.
However, we will say this - trust in us to take all the guesswork and hard work out of the purchase. Buying a gift or a diamond should be about the emotional experience that often gets lost when going into all the technicalities.

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1 - Design - Determine a design that is appealing the receiver of the gift or the bride-to-be
Step 2 - Budget - Am I spending too much or too little?

  • While people's financial affairs vary in every case, we aim to please and to guide our customers to a successful purchase i.e. one that leaves you the customer, satisfied and pleased.
  • Give yourself a price ceiling for the overall piece. We recommend the equivalent of 2 months' salary when purchasing an engagement ring.

Step 3 - Size vs. Colour & Clarity - Determine what is more important to both of you (this applies both to diamonds as well as coloured-gemstones)
This is an important decision. These 3 factors will influence what can be done with one's budget.
While size is impressive, we recommend putting quality first i.e. Colour & Clarity. The better the colour and clarity, the better the sparkle (Refer to our Quick Guide for a quick way to determine what colour and clarity should be paired up).
See our diamond guide and feel free to contact us for further advice and to set an appointment.

What are conflict diamonds?

Please see our diamond guide for an explanation.


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