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ABSOLUTELY NOT! Like anything of quality, what separates a premium product from the rest of the pack is the PASSION and ATTENTION TO DETAIL that goes into its creation.

The designers and craftmen creating Tivon Fine Jewellery products take great care in the selection and creation of each item of jewellery. A lot of extra detail goes into the cut and finish of each gemstone. Each gemstone is specially faceted to ensure the most amount of life and brilliance radiate from it... literally making it a cut above the rest. See THE DIFFERENCE!


When comparing gemstones. Ensure you compare apples with apples.

One thing you cannot do is remember the exact colour of a stone as you go from store to store. Most expert gem dealers cannot even do it. There are too many variables: the lighting, the background, the setting, the time of day, not to mention the fact that there are numerous varying shades of each gemstone which are also affected by the cut and proportion of the gemstone.

So what do you do? Tivon Fine Jewellery recommends going to our official retail STOCKISTS. They will have a good selection and will share their knowledge of gemstones with you. They will also be willing to show you a range of qualities side by side. Why not CONTACT US to find out where the closest available stockists are.

Passion? If the store you approach does not have a wide selection of mounted gemstones, chances are the owner does not have much enthusiasm for gemstones and only has limited knowledge of them. Why would you buy something from someone who has no passion or enthusiasm about what they are selling?


While our website is a great place to learn about gemstones and to view a wide variety of gemstones, the best place to buy them is through one of our official stockists. WHY? Because that way you get what you see. Our dealers love gemstones and enjoy sharing their knowledge on the subject with you. Why not contact one of our STOCKISTS.


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