Fifty Shades of....Tanzanite!

Fifty Shades of....Tanzanite!

One of TIVON’s specialities is the finest luxury Tanzanite jewellery. We offer one of the largest selection of fine-grade Tanzanite jewellery with each piece meeting our exceedingly high standards.

Tanzanite is one of the most sought after collectable gemstones today. Rated at 1000 rarer than diamonds and with only a single world-wide source, this unparalleled gem is exquisite to say the least.

One of the fascinating things about Tanzanite is the fact that it possesses more than one colour. In fact it is Tri-Chroic meaning that it exhibits three colours: BLUES, VIOLETS & BURGUNDIES. As almost no two Tanzanite gems possess the identical combination of these three colours, what one discovers is various delectable shades of purples and blues with flecks of red burgundy flashes that dance and delight under the light.

Tanzanite is a seductive gem and all those who fall upon its gaze are entranced forever by its beauty!

Tanzanite – Rare! Precious! Seductive!