Quality - Luxury - Rarity

Our core principles! TIVON utilises time-old traditional European manufacturing techniques and combines handmade bespoke craftsmanship with the latest cutting-edge technology to produce the finest design and more importantly, the finest outcome.

Rarity & Exclusivity

TIVON creations are not mass-produced. Each piece has a story and is a labour of love. TIVON selects only the finest gems, some of which are so rare and unique that to find a match at times is impossible.

What this equates to is ensuring that not only has something very special been created but also that whomever purchases that creation has something quite exclusive and rare.

Consistency of Standards

With a TIVON product you can rest assured that standards are always kept very high and that the item chosen will be of the highest calibre.

Flexibility of Sourcing

TIVON has an extensive reach to global sources and thus whatever the request, we are almost always in a position to supply.


Know for certain that what you have purchased is of the highest calibre and that TIVON will always be there to give you the service you deserve.