The Difference

Not all gems are created equal!

As many companies do, TIVON focuses on the 4C’s of a gemstone i.e. Cut, Colour, Clarity & Carat.

However, what TIVON does differently is look way beyond the textbook grading of a gemstone. TIVON looks on at the true potential and beauty of the gemstone.

To achieve this we focus on:

  • Precision cutting & Special faceting to bring the maximum life out of the gemstone
  • The saturation and evenness of colour within the gemstone
  • … And most importantly – the design that will show off a gemstone to its full potential.

The gemstones TIVON uses are all in the top 5% of the quality hierarchy. Through strict quality controls, all gemstones are inspected for internal as well as external defects and are automatically rejected if they don't meet the high standards set by the founding Tivon family.